Sunday, July 4, 2010


Theory plus Application in guitarsSorry for the delay and this lesson have been in my mind for some time, but I hadn’t had the chance to jot it down in my paper. So, this is the ninth lesson here in these sets of tutorials that had been previously made here.  I am glad that this is one of the topics that we need to tackle down and to learn deeper in this instrument that you tend to learn with your heart with it. 

You may notice that this is not related to that previous post that I had made here. If this concerns you, then, the answer to that query will be yes. This has nothing to do with the last post on how to play it scenario like I had in the past; but instead, this is more on adding some information on how you will carry on with this tutorial. This is more of my opinion, I guess, about learning guitar. This has a similar approach like my seventh post about the techniques on how to play this thing. Here, you will also find the big dispute of some guitar players struggling to learn it, or, some who claims that they don’t need theory to learn and play graceful with it.

Why theory

Generally speaking, a theory most of the time is pertaining to the musical notes that we see in a treble clef. That’s the importance of this thing regarding this. It is a very powerful thing to make you knowledgeable when it comes to music. It is like knowing the inner things to a system that you are doing or using it. Everything isn’t about just using it, but understanding each and every detail how it works every time you use it. So, I am a little bit astonished to some guitar players who says that they became this and doesn’t even know or learned this. Even if you deny it, before you do something that requires your knowledge you are using a certain theory that you used but isn’t aware of. Just like in guitars, when you first study or hold it, you did wonder how this thing works. There isn’t anything in this world that doesn’t come to its conclusions without the process of thinking.

Why theory? Because with this, you can write songs that is well structured and not just presumptions. I’m not saying that theory is better that application; instead, this is the right process to make your own arrangements when you are writing you own song or rather your music using this instrument. This is like the blueprint of your house or a building that you want to build with you own hands. That is how it is, literally.

Just a plain guitar player

Even if you don’t want to write a song using it, you still need this. You still need to know this thing to make your foundation harder and learn this, faster than those people who needed years to attain those skills that they have right now. It is not true that you need years to learn this. Many players, nowadays, learn and become good at this with just a year in their belt playing it and if you will ask them how they did it, the answer’s a solid understanding about the guitar theory.

Theory is not just a way how to write notes in sheets, but it also makes it easier for you to play this instrument that you’re eager to understand. It makes the time frame to learn all the chord combinations, how the family chords work, broken chords, and the timing to specific song with a smaller amount of time. But, if you think that you don’t this, then go ahead and memorize all those guitar chords with a whooping 4.5 million all in all (can you?).

Application is also needed

After you had learned the needed things how to do it, then, you need to execute that action in order to accomplish something that you had formulated using your theory. This is where the application enters the scene after you had furnished that theory in your mind. This is a powerful combination that you can do to make you a good guitar player in no time. As always, the right process is always correct and it will never let you down. It will give you the results that you expected because you ought about it first.

You will see the difference how this will help you. Many players claimed that they learned this without needing any theory. Well, it is possible and any one can actually learn this without any idea about it (theory). But, as I had said, if you don’t want to use this then you will memorize all the chords in your mind. That’s just an example how difficult it will be for you to reach the expert level and you will be stuck like them who only know how to play guitars because they just listen or see the chords in YouTube.

It‘s not bad to learn guitars in ears, but, if you want to be cunning and be good with it then this is the right track for you. Face it; you need a lot of work to do if you will just do the application part and forbid that other thing (theory) making it harder for you. I will say that theory plus application equals a good player. That is how I perceive this and hoping you will see that this is the right thing for you to do because there are a lot of people who has the wrong idea about this.

There you have it! My ninth installment with this tutorial and I hope you liked my point of views about it. This may seem strange but I felt that you need to know this cause, in the next lessons that I will about to teach you will be a bit advance than the previous posts that I made. I think it is now the time to make it more interesting. So, practice more and I will be back with a new lesson here in Guitar Tutorials for Beginners. Good day!