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So, you’ve finally decided to learn the basics of a guitar here at Guitar Tutorials for Beginners. This will guide you through the processes in order for you to learn the very basics of how to play a guitar. But, as a guitarist, these are the most important things you must know in order to be a good guitar player; or even a guitar god if you wished to. The guitar parts, as I can say, are the things as a beginner must know first before hitting those strings and strum them as a rock star.

  1. Tuning pegs is used to tune the strings in a guitar. This can be made of ebony, boxwood, and rosewood or even. As a guitar player, this is one of the most crucial parts used to play a music using this instrument. This can make the sound of your guitar in a high tone or in a lower tone.  You’ll use this part so often when you’re playing songs in your guitar.
  2. The biggest part of the guitar is called the Body. It is the main mass of the guitar. The sizes and shape of a guitar body may differ and depends upon the brand, style, and the type of a guitar. The sound of a guitar, regarding acoustic or echo guitar, can be big or small depending upon the body size of a guitar.
  3. The place where you can find the Tuning pegs is called Head stock. But, sometimes this is called Peg heads for some reasons. The principal purpose of this is to hold the instruments' string. Head stock or peg head come from different sizes and shapes depending upon the brand or the design of the guitar itself.
  4. The next part is called the Fingerboard. And this is where we make our chords and keynotes in the guitar while playing our favorite songs. This is the longest part in a guitar. Some fingerboards had markers in it to indicate the numbers of the fret without counting it while you play a song in a guitar. The image I had used doesn’t have a marker in it.
  5. In a Fingerboard, you will find a line making divisions starting from the bottom of the head stock to the body of the guitar. This is called a Fret. Now, this is a very technical part in using a guitar instrument. This can make you distinguish what chords you are using especially when you are using power chords. A Fret has a lot to do with you playing a song with a specific tone and pitch. Without these frets in a fingerboard in a guitar, it can be very hard playing it. There are some guitars that don’t have a fret and this is for advance users only. The complete fret number for a guitar has a total of 24, all In all.
  6. The hole in a guitar is called the Sound hole. And it is responsible making the sound projection increase while you strum the guitar. This is usually found and directly placed under the strings. But, some guitar’s sound hole can be found somewhere else.
  7. The Bridge of a guitar is the one who handles the String. It makes the strings of your guitar aligned and this is located on the body of the guitar. Usually bridges were made with woods.
  8. Some acoustic has a Saddle and some has none. The Saddle is like a lock for the strings that goes on in a bridge of a guitar. Usually, Saddles were made with ivory and come with a color of white or black. Saddles have nothing to do with the sound projection while you strum the guitar. But, you have to put the saddle in a right way while you put strings in the bridge so accidents won’t occur. Make sure that it is tight, and it’s not loose before you strum the guitar and play a song.
  9. Off course, you can’t play this thing without a String. The String is the thing you will be strumming upon playing a song in it. A string has two types, and they were called nylon and steel. A nylon string is usually used for a classic type of guitar. Some guitarist, especially who loves folk songs or songs played by plucking the strings, used this. But, if you’re a rocker, you probably will use steel instead of nylon. Steel strings, in my opinion, sound good making lead or doing a lead gain in a song while playing a guitar. In these guitar tutorials for beginners, we will be using a six string guitar only. You can find guitars with different string numbers.
So, that’s the major parts of the guitar that has been covered here in Guitar tutorials for beginners’ blog. The very basic things you need to know before playing the guitar. This is your first step to reach your goal in learning how to play a song using it and become an expert. I didn’t include discussing the pick guard because beginners usually don’t use pick in their first attempt to use a guitar. And some guitar’s doesn’t have one that’s why I had skipped it. But, to sum it all, beginners must learn these stuffs in order for him/her excel more and faster. Cause, basics are the fundamentals of all the things you need in order to learn more sophisticated techniques in the future.

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