Sunday, May 16, 2010


Guitar Player Strumming
Now, this is the most interesting part that you had been waiting for, in these Guitar tutorials for beginners that we had been doing for about some time. Give yourself those big thumbs up for accomplishing the previous task that I had given you. You’re now quite growing as a player and this will make you more interested as an aspirant in this instrument, which we had been using. Playing a song in a guitar’s another easy task that I will be teaching you, and this will be the “icing” in that cake as we go on with this stuff, right away. But, if you hadn’t had the chance to see the beginning of these tutorials, you could go to my very first post here. Or, if you were through with that would phase, you can still proceed with this topic and you don’t have to read it. What’s important is that, you can understand what I’m talking here and that’s what I needed.

As I have said in my previous Guitar tutorials for beginners before you proceed here (if you’re following these lessons, the whole time around), you‘re confident that you had mastered that skill that’s been required, in order for you to make a sense in this lesson.  Please, be guided with these words and let’s move on to this very special topic of ours, to explore with your guitar (of course!).

Songs for the beginners

Before we begin to play a song, we need a particular song that we will play here. So, to make this thing short and go on with this stuff, we will choose the song titled “leaving no a jet plane” by John Denver. In my personal experience, this is my very first song that I had played when I was just like you, and this is a very easy song to play with it. You can look for it in "Google" and search for its chords plus its lyrics. You can download the song too, if you don’t know the song.

If you had all the things we needed here in Guitar tutorials for beginners, we will now proceed to this lesson and the first thing you need to do is to study how the song works. Yes! You must first understand how the song goes even if you had listened to it from the past; you still need to study its flow, timing, and its rhythm to make it faster for you to have the idea when to change the chords. Observing how the artist strummed the guitar and how the song goes until it’s ending will give you the idea, why you must do this first. If you think that you had understood what I had said, then, you can hit that strings after this lesson with more convenience.

Changing chords in a song

Usually, a song is composed of only three chords in one whole song.  An example of this is the song I had chosen to use in this lesson with only three chords:  G, C, and D. That’s the chords that we will be using a lot, cause, this chord were basically for beginners that I had mentioned in my previous lesson too.

Changing a chord from one chord to another in a song can be quite hard for beginners to understand this that is why I had to make you listen to that song, and observe it to make this easier for you. This phase is more on the timing of the song that we will be playing. Consider the song that I had given you; it changes a chord after the count of 4 times in a row.  Each cycle was doubled in this song and this means that, instead of the regular cycle that we had done in our previous lesson, you need to have two cycles first, to call it a count. So, a count has eight cycles in all and you will do this the whole time until the songs are finished. You need to copy the timing and the rhythm of that song; to let your listeners knows what you’re playing exactly in your guitar. This is one of the most important things about this, because that chords pattern- G, C, D could be from another song, based on how you strum these strings in that instrument whether if it is fast or if it slow.

You can also use a song book to see that particular chord in the lyrics of that song. This is easier to do if you’re having a hard time, understanding this and play the song in it. You can search for the lyrics with chords of this song in Google. The reason I’m teaching that other process to you on how to change a chord in a song, is to make you play the guitar more independently and learn how to realize the timing that I am teaching to you. That way, we will be eradicating you to be so dependent about it and learn to master the guitar quickly as possible. Using this method is pretty self-explanatory and I don’t need to include it here (I will not mock you’re intelligence cause, I believe in you!).

Practice makes improvements

This is the task that you need to do in order for you to sharpen your skills, not just by playing the guitar, but in other things as well. So, you must play that instrument over and over again. This will make you learn faster and will help you gain more knowledge about it. Experience is a good teacher because these tutorials will only guide and provide you the right processes to attain that success in this instrument.  You can experiment and look for a specific style how to do these stuffs. Watch videos and learn from other musician or guitarist, to make this stuff clearer to you. Play this instrument with your friends and interact with them. So that, you can study or learn from each other that can make you more interested practicing this lesson. Always maximize the resources and see the results for yourself.

Guitar tutorials for beginners – lesson 6’s now finally over. You can now play a song with it but, you’re still limited to these chords that I had mentioned or what you can easily do in your guitar chord chart which you possess, right now. Still, you need more patience about this but; at least you can now play song in it.  The next lesson that I will teach you is all about the technicalities while you play the guitar. I will also include how to do the chords with bars/flats that have been giving beginners a hard time, making the strings sounded well while they hit it with a chord like that. Let’s rest for now, and I will be right back with another lesson for you.